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JINNYlash semi- permanent extensions

JINNYlash semi-permanent eyelash extensions were the very first to break into the UK and since have adorned the lashes of numerous celebrities, journalists and media personalities.

Synthetic lashes are glued onto your own natural lashes for the ultimate eye-catching enhancement. JINNYlash semi-permanent extensions are the ultimate make-over that guarantees perfect, stunning and full eyelashes lasting up to 6 weeks without the need for mascara. They look incredibly natural, but glamorous at the same time.

JINNYlash semi-permanent eyelash extensions have been voted the Best Eyelash extensions service in a number of reputable magazines including 'Harpers Bazaar'.

Lashes are available in a gorgeous range of lengths, curl, thickness and colour that are perfectly tailored to suit to each individual personality. Our JINNYlash therapists will consult with clients to help them decide on the right look. Then, while you are lying down relaxing and drifting off, your lashes will be transformed to the most beautiful lashes you have ever had.


- The Full Set : This service contains total of 150 synthetic lashes applied to natural lashes which will give incredibly fuller and thicker luscious lashes. The treatment takes around one and a half hours.

- The Express Set : We know the importance of looking and feeling great and understand the time constraints put on today's modern woman. This service involves the total of 100 lashes creating such full and dazzling lashes within a short time.

- The Half Set : 80 lashes are applied to eyes evenly spaced across the lash line in order to create a natural look. Lashes can be applied focusing more on the edge of the eyes to make a sexy and sultry look.

- The Corner Set : 40 lashes are applied to the outer corners of the eyes to create the most naturally flirtatious look. This is an ideal choice for those who are new to semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


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