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Standard Course

At the training course, we keep the class size small in order to give maximum attention to each student and ensure that everyone fully understands every aspect of the JINNYlash application and acquires all the techniques of up to date eyelash extension application.
As we are firmly committed to cultivating competent JINNYlash professionals, our training course is quite intensive. As practice is one of the most vital factors in order to excel in this field, you will be provided with homework after the initial training day. You will also be required to complete 5 case studies which you will bring along on your assessment day.
Essentially, the JINNYlash training course is for individuals who want to invest time and money in order to fulfill long-term business prospects.
When you receive the certificate with a recommendation from us, you will be acknowledged as the best trained lash extension expert in the industry.
If we feel that it is necessary to provide you with additional training course, we will do so free of charge.
- Course fee: £300 + VAT
- Training Date: Every other Tuesday (however, it is flexible so please contact us to see the available training date)
- Time: 10:00a.m~18:00p.m
- The maximum number of attendees per class: 3
- Training venue: Training centre located at 71 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 3PB

Conversion Training Course

As there is a high demand from therapists who have already been trained in other lash brands but want to convert and be retrained by JINNYlash, we provide a conversion course.
We request that your certificate should be from a recognised lash extension company in order to join our course. You will be required to submit a copy of a previous certificate prior to starting the course.
For further information, please contact us on 020 7495 8385/8584.
- Course Fee £200+VAT
- Training Date: Every other Tuesday (however, this is flexible)
- Time: 10:00a.m-13:00p.m
- Training venue: Training centre located at 71 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 3PB

Group training discount

We offer a discounted price for those who would like to book more than two therapists. Please contact us for details.